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Weekend Applications

You must have a sponsor in order for you to attend a Cursillo weekend. With the help of your sponsor, an application will need to be completed and submitted. Your sponsor will provide you with an application OR, if you do not have a sponsor yet, you can CLICK below to download an Application Form. At that time, please secure a sponsor (see the following note to assist you).



Start within your parish by asking your parish priest about the Cursillos Movement and those in your parish who have attended a weekend. You may also check with our Secretariat’s Pre-Cursillo Coordinator who can put you in touch with a prospective sponsor

or by contacting another member of our Secretariat.  

Click on the link below to email your completed and scanned application. Or, if you prefer, mail your application to:


Cursillo in Christianity

5625 Pearl Dr., Suite F

Box 201

Evansville, IN 47712

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