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The Group Reunion is a small group (3 to 6) of Cursillo friends that meet on a regular basis. The purpose of this meeting is to share with one another, using the available Grouping Card, the growth that has taken place within each of them.


– to deepen their friendship

– to help one another to live according to the Gospel

– to bring a Christ-like attitude to their environments.

* See the "Grouping Card" page to print copies of the card; printing instructions included.

This meeting of friends are at the core of the Cursillo Movement.  From the very beginning the founders of the Cursillo Movement perceived in the Group Reunion the means  “to create and sustain small nuclei (groups) of Christians who act as leaven for the Gospel in their environments”.


As we make attempts to bring Christ into our various environments, we will sometimes become frustrated. The Group Reunion provides the continual support we need in order to persevere as a part of God’s plan.


To help spread the Kingdom, there is nothing which can compare to the sharing of God’s graces among friends.


“We must bear in mind that Group Reunions are not held so that there may be people to attend the Cursillos, but the Cursillos are held so that there may be people to make a Group Reunion.”  Eduardo Bonin, Bernardo Vadell, Francisco Forteza, Cursillos in Christianity, Structure of Ideas (page 80).


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