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Serve a Meal on a Cursillo Weekend

Your time spent in this capacity needs to be pre-scheduled with our Kitchen Coordinators, Phil and Dawn Durcholz.

Text or call: PHIL: (812) 457-6202 or DAWN: (812) 457-7899 OR click below to be directed to schedule through Signup Genius :

CLICK HERE to schedule to serve a meal for Men's SPANISH #6 (June 8-11, 2023):

 CLICK HERE  to schedule to serve a meal for Women's SPANISH #6 (May 18-21, 2023):

Serving a Meal: Assist in serving a meal on a weekend (men serve on men's weekends; women

serve on women's weekends). This is especially important when you are a sponsor.


Kitchen Angel: Assist in the kitchen when team members are in the chapel with the team and

candidates (men or women can be Kitchen Angels on either men's or women's weekends).


Friday Lunch Servers: If you are a Priest, deacon, or religious and able to serve this meal,

text or call: PHIL: (812) 457-6202 or DAWN: (812) 457-7899.

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