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The Secretariat is a governing board of the Cursillo movement on the national, regional and local level. Eduardo Bonnín, the founder of Cursillo, said, "Cursillo is not to feed people, but to make them hungry for God". "The Secretariat exists in order to simplify, facilitate, and make possible the living of everything that is fundamentally Christian and to be the guardians of the purity of

the method." As such, the members of the Secretariat are the servants of the servants; their role is to be one of simple service

to the Movement.


The Secretariat for the Evansville Cursillo meets

at 7:00 PM * on the fourth Tuesday of each month at:





Anyone may attend the meetings.


For more information contact Mike Ketzner, Lay Coordinator.



* If you have a specific topic to bring to the members, please

  contact the Lay Director to discuss adding it to the agenda.


for Location & Mass/Rosary Information

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