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The silence of our study and actions

We know well the three basic elements of our movement, the Cursillo movement and our metanoia would not have been possible without the three legs of the stool: Piety, Study and Action.

These legs have to equally form the foundation of our spiritual lives, but often one or two legs tend to be stronger than the other making our life, our stool off balance. Especially dangerous is having the piety leg to be the weakest link.

Reading “The Power of Silence” from Cardinal Robert Sarah I found this quote that I want to share with you:

“In his apostolic letter Novo Millennio Ineunte, John Paul II writes: «It is important that what we set out to do, with God’s help, be founded in contemplation and prayer. Ours is a time of continuous movement, that often leads into activism, with the easy danger of doing for doing. We have to resist this temptation and pursue being before doing». This is the intimate and inalterable wish of the monk. But it is also the most profound aspiration of every person that searches the Eternal Father. Because the man can really only find God in the silence and solitude interior and exterior.”

Why do we do these weekends? Do we do them so we can have coordinators? Or a team? In other words, do we do weekends “of doing for doing” or do we, more importantly, each and every one of us, “pursuit being before doing”?

Prayer and more significantly contemplation has to be the origin, the foundation, the Alpha, the source of everything we do in Cursillo and in our lives. Without a strong and devout piety we cannot understand God’s will and therefore we will be doing our own will in the deafening noise of spiritual activism.



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