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Parish Ambassadors Responsibilities

  • Organize 4th day within the parish Cursillistas

  • Help new parish Cursillistas find a grouping opportunities quickly

  • Coordinate and encourage sponsors to follow up with their Cursillistas

  • Be the Cursillo liason between parish friendship groups and the parish itself

    1. Help your parish utilize the strength of the 4th Day community that are members of your parish through community activism and evangelization

  • Be the Cursillo liason between parish Cursillistas and the Cursillo movement

    1. Encourage and coordinate participation of parish Cursillistas during the weekend activities, including kitchen help, prayer, palanca and attendance at Candlelight and Closings

    2. Encourage participation at Ultreyas, Grand Ultreyas and Reunions

    3. Report what’s happening in your parish 4th Day community to the local Cursillo movement at the School Of Leaders meetings, held on the second Tuesday of each month (7pm at Holy Spirit)

  • Promote and connect  bringing other parishioners to make a Cursillo weekend



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